Corrosion Inhibitors Protect Your Air Conditioning Equipment In West Palm Beach

Corrosion inhibitors protect your air conditioning equipment in west palm beach

Air conditioning systems in coastal regions like West Palm Beach don't last as long as they should due to corrosion. In fact, corrosion is responsible for about 40% of industrial equipment failures.

The process is called galvanic corrosion, or electrolysis. Electrolysis is a chemical decomposition which occurs when an electric current is passed through a liquid or solution that contains ions.

Salt is an ionic compound, so when the moist salt air is near an electrically powered machine made of metal, the weakest metal present will start to corrode.

The fins of an outside air conditioning condenser are made of aluminum and are constantly exposed to the moist salt air in our climate. They become pitted and damaged by corrosion. They start to block the air flow to the system, causing early failure. The energy efficiency of the system is also affected along the way.

The corrosion problem starts as soon as an air conditioning system is installed in West Palm Beach. Fortunately, corrosion inhibitors can be installed on the fins to help avoid early replacement of the air conditioning system.

How Corrosion Inhibitors Extend The Life Of Your West Palm Beach Air Conditioner

Corrosion inhibitors are the most effective and economical way to control corrosion on your air conditioning fins. They can add years to the life of your outdoor air conditioning equipment.

The corrosion inhibitors are made of zinc which is a weaker metal element than aluminum. Since corrosion occurs on the weakest metal first, the inhibitors corrode instead of the aluminum fins and other metals of your air conditioning system.

Corrosion Inhibitor Installations

Your local HVAC technician can install a corrosion inhibitor on your air conditioning condenser. They are an inexpensive solution to help protect your cooling system investment.

The HVAC technicians at Cooling Advisors, an Air Conditioning Company who serves Palm Beach and Martin Counties, can install a corrosion inhibitor for local customers. If you are local and want to inquire about this inexpensive solution to protect your air conditioning equipment, just give us a call.

Features Of The Corrosion Inhibitor:

  1. Zinc alloy protects aluminum, copper, and steel components
  2. Our Corrosion Inhibitors last longer, up to 2.5 times the mass of competing products
  3. Continuously protects to extend the life of compressor lines, fins, and coils
  4. Can be split and surface mounted to increase corrosion protection of other areas
  5. Provides years of protection

If you have questions or want our West Palm Beach air conditioning company to install a Corrosion Inhibitor, please call 561-247-2182 [in Palm Beach] or 772-497-6580 [in Martin County] or complete our online request form.