Top 5 Energy Saving Tips For Your Air Conditioning

Top 5 energy saving tips for your air conditioning

Let’s face the fact that we use our air conditioning around here way more than the rest of the country. The downfall to that is that we end up needing the services of an air conditioning company more frequently.

However, the average local homeowner is neglecting to take advantage of energy saving tips that will help your system perform better. While it may not always prevent the need for AC repairs, it can help minimize the need.

Plus, it means you’ll be able to lower your operating costs and save yourself some money. Not to mention a more energy-efficient AC means one that’s better for the environment.

In addition to that, when your system runs better that means you’ll get peak performance and optimal longevity from your HVAC. Overall, any reputable professional will tell you that you’re going to seriously benefit from ensuring that your AC runs in a more energy-efficient manner.

Improving the Way Your Cooling System Performs

Learn about taking good care of your air conditioned so it will perform not just better but in a more energy-saving manner. Some great ways to achieve this include:

  • Use window treatments to help get the job done. High-quality vertical blinds that are shut during the day will greatly reduce how hot it gets inside your home and make it easier for your cooling system to perform. It puts less strain on your system and makes it easier, and cheaper, to run your AC.
  • Your ceiling fans or even supplemental floor fans can do wonders for keeping your home cooler. It can help work with your air conditioning so you cool your home in a more effective and efficient manner.
  • Keep those air filters clean. Ideally, you should be changing your filters each month, especially since our systems get so much use, basically year round. In some instances you may be able to alternate between cleaning one month and replacement the next, but stay diligent. A dirty filter can restrict or even block the airflow making the system less efficient or, even worse, causing complete blockage.
  • Learn what temperature you really need your system set on. Most homes are actually set lower than need be. Setting the thermostat at a higher temperature means your system doesn’t have to work as hard. That saves you money on your monthly utility costs and puts less strain on the system, as a whole.
  • Regular tune-ups actually save you money. It’s more cost-effective to let a professional check your system and make sure it’s running efficiently than to find out it’s not working properly and you’ve been wasting money on running it. Plus, inspections are cheaper than emergency repair needs, in the middle of the night.

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